So my boss…

does this thing while I’m answering the phone at work.

When she hears me say certain key words, she comes over and tries to get my attention while I’m talking to the person asking questions. If I don’t respond, she’ll lean over me like she wants to take the phone from me.

I fucking hate it. Seriously. Get out of my space. It makes me uncomfortable and it makes me think like I fucked up. Stop.

So when I hang up, she asks me about what the person needed help with and goes, “Oh.” Then WALKS AWAY.


I mentioned it to one of my coworkers today since it happened and my boss caught me whispering. Asked me if I had a problem. I said no, but the more I think about it, I probably should have told her the truth. Probably would have caused her to stop invading my space for stupid reasons and she probably wouldn’t think I was talking shit about her behind her back. Which, I guess I kinda was. But now she probably thinks worse of me.

At least she’s being transferred to a different office around the end of the summer.

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